Melvin Pacurib

I'm Melvin, An Award Winning 🏆 UI/UX Designer based in Philippines.

With 7 years of experience, I’m Melvin, a designer who thrives on both technical skills and creative thinking. My journey started in college, crafting book covers and discovering the world of remote work. But design goes beyond aesthetics for me. I’m driven by a desire to make a positive impact, evident in my award-winning projects: national recognition for improving accessibility and an IoT application that promotes water conservation. 

My passion even spilled into my college thesis, where we created the first 3D game to teach people about surviving calamities – a project that went on to win the best thesis award in my entire department.

When I’m not designing, I find myself delving into psychology and finance books, channeling my creativity into customizing my car, or seeking inspiration in nature and coffee sessions with loved ones. Whether it’s pushing boundaries in design or exploring new interests, I’m constantly learning and growing.

What I like


Late Night Driving

Different Coffee Mixtures


What I'm Learning

Masters in Information Technology

Car Automotives

To Cook?

National Certificates

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